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He’s launched airstrikes and is threatening ground troops but IT’S NOT WAR. He took a victory lap for Osama bin Laden but opposed the means that got his location. He’s broken every Progressive policy and gospel on the books, and he’s doing the same things for the same reasons his predecessor did, only he’s doing them late, doing them badly and blaming everyone else. In his latest Firewall Bill Whittle shows why Barack Obama is nothing more than Bush Lite.

Obama’s has planted ISIS in our government! Homeland Security! 

Michelle Fields interviews Counterterrorism Expert Patrick Poole. Patrick finds infiltrators in the Department of Homeland Security.

Scotland Votes to Stay in the U.K.

Victory for Common Sense!  Leftism Has Never Worked! 

Democrat Dumbasses act like Washington Jackasses by not doing their jobs. It’s Not Congress’s Place To Harass Private Owners! 

Guided Hawaii Lava Flyover on September 16, 2014

Decisive battle at Toka [ship] This arrangement shakuhachi! Exiting the Tetsusoko Strait!

Take To Flight 

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Poop fairy


Poop fairy

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Right to Work news update. 

With free legal assistance from the National Right to Work Foundation, 14 Ohio public school teachers won a federal class-action settlement against the Ohio Education Association (OEA) and 11 of its regional affiliates for violating their rights.

The settlement stems from a class-action lawsuit the group filed in 2011 after the OEA union unlawfully overcharged the teachers for union “fees” taken from their paychecks. These “fees” included costs supporting the union’s political activism and electioneering. 

In addition to overcharging teachers, the OEA union’s regional affiliates were collecting compulsory fees from non-members without providing the independently-audited financial statements required by law. 

The $92,000 settlement awards more than 2,800 teachers in Ohio nominal damages and/or rebates for union dues illegally-seized from their paychecks during the 2009-2010 to 2012-2013 school years.

Despite this victory, it is important to remember that the OEA forced nonmembers to unknowingly provide a large part of the money used to defeat public-sector reforms in the Buckeye State in 2011 – reforms that would have allowed teachers to opt out of forced dues payments all together. This case underscores the need for Ohio to pass a Right to Work law protecting all of Ohio’s workers.

We will keep you posted on more cases like this as National Right to Work Foundation attorneys continue to assist workers defending their rights. Thank you for watching today’s update.

They must be all destroyed.  They are not human.  They are insects.  Bloodsuckers!